"- Be on the inside"

We empower individuals, groups and organisations to create a sustainable global world.

- We wish to contribute to dialogues that create encounters not only with others but also with yourself.

Tools for

Reflection, Awareness and Dialogue


Here you find tools to support you in developing your team, your leadership or to analyze your organisation's development needs.

  • Develop the team, create trust and belonging whether you are remote, in a hybrid form or in the same place.
    DiNO Smoothteam

  • Explore what your business needs to develop to be more successful in the short and long term.
    DiNO Analysis

  • Examine your leadership profile and see how others perceive you
    DiNO LBI

  • How does everyone in the group feel about their everyday life? Check the situation and create improvement points easily with your smartphone.
    DiNO Dialog


Here you can find tools to better understand your own and others' learning, which is an important factor in development work and studies.

  • Reflect on how you receive information and how you most effectively learn

  • DiNO LTM

  • Reflect on how you share/teach information

           DiNO TSI

  • As a student, you can reflect on how best to absorb new knowledge

           DiNO SLP 

  • Participate in a dialogue forum for students, parents and teachers.

        DiNO FORUM


In the Individual section you will find tools that you can use for your personal development.

  • Reflect on how you can better use all your skills.

            DiNO HMI

  • Reflect on your learning and/or your children's learning

             DiNO LTM

  • Reflect on how you share your knowledge with others.

              DiNO TSI

  • Participate in a dialogue forum for personal development.

            DiNO FORUM

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